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Road Case
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LCD/Monitor Case
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Poly Tuff Case
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Poly Tuff Case

Now available in 2 different styles to fit everyone's budget.

Constructed from our Road Case or Poly Tuff materials. These cases have custom made interiors to fit the make and model of your Flat Screen. There is no extra charge for this feature.

Our Road/ATA Case features custom made interiors to fit the your particular flat screen model where plush foam contours the interior structure to isolate your panel from shock and vibration. Road cases are the most durable reusable transit cases available. Constructed to perform under the most exacting conditions, Road cases provide unsurpassed function and reliability. Exterior panels are built with strong solid Plywood with ABS laminated to the outside surface. The result is uncompromising fit and maximum protection from damage. Also offered are interior partitions that segregate multiple items inside a single case.
  • Construction 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" plywood
  • ABS plastic exterior laminate
  • Full length Double Edge Aluminum Angle
  • Tongue and Groove Heavy Duty Aluminum Valance
  • Steel Rivets
  • Steel Recessed Handles
  • Steel Recessed Latches
  • Steel Ball Corners
Heavy-duty wheels can be added as an option

Poly Tuff Case material (High Density Polyethylene) is an excellent alternative for Flat Screens offering maximum protection and reliability while in transit or carrying. Lighter in weight and the most cost effective way to protect your Flat Screen without compromising safety during transit. Our most popular and reliable reusable shipping case.
  • Fabricated to the exact dimension of the make and model number of your Flat Screen without a tooling charge.
  • Foamed lined interior for maximum protection of your Flat Screen.
  • Removable overlapping cover provides double walled protection for superior results with repeated commercial shipping or airline transport.
  • All corners and frame are Steel Reinforced.
  • Carry handles will be placed where needed.
  • Heavy webbed straps secure cover to body when closed and attaches to the case thru guide loops.
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